Saturday, 24 September 2016

Graduation part Three

The graduation dinner was great. Before we knew it the time was 11 pm. 

All graduates were presented by their house leader. They were given a folder which had thei diploma of graduation, reference and any awards. 

Talia got a School Spirit award. 

When we were shown to our table number 47 we assumed we would be stuck in a corner with no one we knew. But we were front and centre. A great spot for taking photos. 

I didn't get a photo of Talia getting her folder I was too busy taking a photo. I have to work out how to take a photo off the video. But I took ones of her friends. 

Here is mum and Talia. 

And the room. 

And here is whole of year 12. 

It was a great night and now she has to concentrate on studying for her exams. 

I am so proud that she finished school and in 5 weeks she can celebrate. 

Graduation Part Two.

The day continued with a mass, morning tea and assembly. 
During the assembly the year 12a were announced and walked on to the stage to receive a candle from the principal. 

The assembly ended with all candles being lit and the students leaving to Shannon Noll's song Lift. They all stood at the back of the hall singing. 

I spent some of the day very teary but not as teary as Bridie who sobbed for most of the day. God help me when Talia actually leaves home! 

As a treat Talia got her makeup and hair done. 

We were able to get a photo together. 

During the night I quite happily snapped photos. 

Here is one with her group of friends. 


Yesterday was my number two daughters  year 12 graduation, marking the end of high school in NSW. 
The day began with a house meeting. 

The students are originated in to pastoral care rooms which have students from every year.  During the house meetings the younger students read out information about the student. 

Here is Talia. The house also gave her some small gifts as momentos. 

My number 3 daughter is in the same house but different pc room and she was chosen to make a speech. 

Afterwards the students made a guard of honour for the year 12s and then Shared cupcakes   Due to all the rain my number 1 daughter was unable to attend. Thankfully my mum and dad came. 

Drove around taking photos. #forbesflood16 @charlieandminnie @bridie.harding22 #blog. We are #highanddry