Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Just a couple of steps

I am back in Sydney for a two day meeting. I arrived just after lunch due to flights and the excessive costs for such a short trip.

So I have ended up walking from my accommodation st Wynyard,
down to The Rocks,
up to Pitt st Mall
York st
Wyndham accommodation.

Wyndham - Pitt St- Cockle Bay - Wyndham

A total of 16253 steps for the day and don't my feet know it

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

More knitted socks.

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Friday Night with Friends

What a great friend we have in Dory!!!!
She hosted this event Friday night. A virtual gathering of friends doing what they love, anything crafty.

I spent Friday knitting the friends of Bridies socks.

This is sock one.

And it's friend.

It is going to interesting to see how close the socks will be when the second is finished.

Can't wait!

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Saturday, 29 April 2017


This happened yesterday!

Do you remember all of this posts about finishing assignments. Well yesterday I proudly robed up and walked the stage to be greeted by the prochancellor of Australian Catholic University where he gave me a certificate congratulating me on my achievement.
I had my degree and results sent to me last year.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Ling weekend

Happy Easter all my friends. It has been a glorious weekend. Temperature has been wonderful. My daughter was home from uni for the weekend so this mum is very happy.

I enjoy using instagram and came across a group, All People Quilt. Anyway they have a year long UFO challenge. You record 12 UFOs and number them 1-12. They draw a number and you can work on that project, you may or may not finish and that's okay. But.... so far for 2017 everything I have listed I have finished. This month is no exception.

Number 11 was for the month and I had my Trip Around the World assigned to it. Most of the fabrics were cut out. So I had to finish cross cutting the strips and start making units. I needed nine.
So I have spent some time working on this project. I even spent time reverse sewing after joining a section the wrong way.

Today I sewed my last unit together and finished the quilt top. I was unsure of how it would fit on my bed but it fits well. I think I am gong to add a dark purple border and bind with the dark purple. But it already hangs over the edge.

The quilt is square but being a shorty it is hard to photograph.

Now to pull out another UFO. My flannel quilt.